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I Didn't Believe It Was Real


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Well hello everyone, I guess I will just start with the beginning. 

Back when I was 16 I used to experiment a lot with DXM, I mean... ALOT. I used it every other day in massive amounts for about 2 months straight, after that tolerance kicked in and I had to stop. About a week after I started bingeing I remember reading something online about HPPD, about how people could hallucinate ALL THE TIME. At the time I thought that it was a bunch of crap for people to get free medicine from the pharmacy. Just another "Disease" like ADD that people would claim they or their kids had so they could get a prescription.


Soon after I stopped DXM, I was looking up things that would make me hallucinate because I had never really had any good OEV's. I stupidly went to the store and bought a bottle of DPH because I figured "What the hell, could be fun." After a few trips and seeing some ghosts and people walking around my room, I decided to take a really high dose (1500mg) and had an absolutely terrible trip. I stopped taking that right then and there. That is when I first started noticing some persistent hallucinations. I didn't assume it to be HPPD though because I figured that they were just things I didn't notice until now. I also started to have a bit of a feeling that things weren't real, but it was insignificant. It died down after a few months to where it wasn't noticeable and I forgot about it.

More RECENTLY I've gotten into shrooms. I did 4g 2 months ago and had a great trip, super fun and a lot of cool visuals. No real noticeable visuals stayed with me after that though, I felt pretty normal. But about 2 weeks ago my friend sent me some 4-ho-met and said it was a lot like shrooms. I really enjoyed my shroom trip so I figured it was worth a try. I took all 30mg he sent me and after about 20 minutes I started getting some intense visuals. Light spectrums, morphing, dots everywhere, cartoons when I close my eyes... All the goodies.

It has been two weeks since I took the 4-ho, I still have strong morphing going on, I see random things floating around in the dark (the darker it is, the more I see), When I am typing on my computer, I can see the screen breathing, and sometimes my text wiggles around a bit. Last night I was trying to go to sleep and had my eyes closed, when out of nowhere I saw this lady screaming at me in black and white. It was pretty high detailed and it freaked me out so i stayed up a few more hours. When I look at my sister, if I look at her for more than 5 seconds now I start to see a very distinguishable glow around her. This is how I knew that I had it, this last symptom.

So that's my poorly written story and if you have followed it up to this point, bravo. If not, I don't blame you. I have had strong symptoms for 2 weeks now and I don't see any signs of them subsiding.

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Hi Jimmy.... Hopefully this will subside with more time, alot of people here seem to see a noticable difference after a few months, as long as they stay sober and healthy. It really is the key ,at this point.... If you are still smoking weed or even drinking alcohol, it can make all the difference.


Good luck, hope it all works out, but we will be here if things stay the same.

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Hi there,

As Jay has said, for me things died down a lot the first 2 or 3 months until I reached my baseline. However, you may want to consider some serious lifestyle changes. Staying sober is an absolute must. Some can tolerate the occasional drink with no change in symptoms like myself but for others it makes things worse by orders of magnitude.

Stay sober, eat healthy and get in a routine of regular exercise. Also try supplementing with a B vitamin complex, fish oil and magnesium which helped for me, or check out the medication section of the forum for recommenced supplements. I'd also recommend checking the general forums, particularly the general advice and success stories section, just knowing things do get better is enough to get your life back on track.

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