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Have any of you guys here tried any of the following I've read they are used to treat visual snow and persistent migraine aura





furomeside injections or tablets 

imitrex (sumatropin)

I know some are primarily for persistent migraine aura but the conditions all seem so closely linked so maybe some of these could help us like certain drugs cure or are used to treat several conditions

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Check this - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamotrigine#Side-effects

The rash can be deadly.... but very, very rarely is... Even my neuro said that it would be fine and I should carry on (the rash was hardly visible)... But i bottled it.

I might speak to him about going back on it, it definitely helped.

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I got up to 75 mgs on Lamotrigine when the problems started. It made me feel clear headed, in a creepy way. So clear headed I could not sleep undaided at all on it! I began abusing my sleep meds and even alcohol to sleep. In the end it was 3-4 sleepness nights per week. It was crazy.

And I got some kind of zit-like rash on my forehead as well. So I seems my body did not tolerate Lamotrigine.

Due to a temporary shortage of my specific pills from the manufacturer and the nasty side-effects stated above I quit them cold turkey about month ago, and to my luck the side effects are all gone now. It took a while for the Lamotrigine to clear out from my system.

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no cod eyes, for me.

most meds have some crazy, ultra rare side effects.

I can't remember which med it was the doctor tried to put me on... but one of the rare side effects was a permanent hard on that had to be surgically dealt with and meant you could never get an erection again.

I kindly passed on that med

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Style did it have any lasting positive effects ?

No. Only lasting ill effects, which are gone by now though.

I did not notice any reduction of visuals or DP/DR. I always have a very skeptical mindset when I get a new medication, to rule out any placebo effects. It has to be yes or no, not maybe.

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