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  1. I've heard of some amazing claims of fasting too what is the fasting routine you follow
  2. Been having other health problems unrelated to hppd but it seems to of had an impact making things worse feeling more dizzy sick tired fatigued and things like that struggling with work so thought about the possibility of studying my hppd isn't really severe but I do have some visual snow and sensitivity to light being the worst symptoms. My cognitive function its hard to tell I feel as if I find it harder to jam information In but if its essays I might find it easier as opposed to the tests
  3. I've been prescribed it for my stress and anxiety as its been bad lately dizziness and visual snow is still killing me yet its still not very recognised but I'm worried about it making my visuals a lot worse so worried about taking it
  4. Hey how hard is It doing a degree with hppd anyone out there done this kind of thing with this debilitating fucking disease
  5. 2 or 3 years i got it all worst is the visual snow and sensitivity to light the rest i can handle
  6. ok so i went to doctors today as I have been feeling so anxious and fucked up lately with my other health issues work issues and gf issues my life feels like its spiralling out of control if I could I would shoot myself but i have neither the bottle or harshness to do it to my family then again they do my fucking head in well my mum does i literlally have hit rock bottom so anyway went to docs prescibed me this to make me feel better but if this is gonna fuck up my visuals i dont wanna start taking that also prescibed me promethazine as i have had trouble sleeping and always feel very
  7. Thank you very much for sharing this it sounds very promising
  8. Its crazy the things our brains create when under tye influence of drugs some seriously weird shit lol
  9. My trip was insane I was getting electricuted by electronic spiders fighting floating heads in my room with a towl walked through a pitch black park and the whole place was lit up with illuminate spirits saw black people hiding in bushes with ak 47s my friends face morphed into a werewolf and one of my socks turned into a snake all from one dose of mdma fuck knows what that shit was cut with
  10. Yeah that was my thinking behind it as sex effects the seretonin and I'm pretty sure after orgasm it effects dopamine too although could be wrong Mg I've been trying to get pictures shes holding out lol
  11. Ok so I've got a new chick and we have been having a lpt of sex I'm talking 2 - 3 times a day lol but I feel like its effecting my hppd and not for the good :-( Sometimes after sex my visuals increase and so does my DR its horrible I had sex this morning and itz lasted all day only now am I starting to level out a little bit :-s Anyone else had any experience of this Maybe its where I'm not getting nuch sleep either lol
  12. I've read a book on nlp not sure how much it would actually help reduce visuals However to make you positive about the position your in I think it would be very helpful I found the concept of nlp fascinating and just from reading the book and using some of the techniques it made me more positive
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