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I certainly could benefit from medical help with chronic depression but have heard that after-imaging and visual snow are sometimes worsened by this med.....caught between a rock and hard place here in that I can't really progress in this state (depression) but could not at all tolerate an increase in my visual symptoms.....I know no one person can offer me a definitive, conclusive answer but I'd love to know if anyone has taken this...I don't drink, I eat well, socialize, go to school, take mass doses of vitamins, meditate etc...so have taken most natural paths imagineable with no improvement....any takers?

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First hallucinations i ever had were from celexa. I was 14 and depressed so my family doc gave me celexa, I noticed acid like visuals in dark rooms and when outside at night I would see the ground morphing and opening up. The visuals only occurred in the dark and as soon as i stopped taking it they stopped altogether. I got hppd several years later after dozens of shroom and acids trips.

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I took Celexa for over a year with mixed results. For a while i believe it was helping my depression and anxiety. At the least i did not feel `bad` from it.

I felt like it was not helping me much toward the end, and the worst side effect i had was weight gain.

If you have weight issues this can bloat you up pretty bad. I lost 20-40 pounds a few weeks after i stopped taking it and could not lose weight even with diet and excersise while on the drug.

I had some pretty bad withdrawl symptoms and fell into a deep depression after i stopped taking it. I think its hit or miss but definatly one of the better SSRI's ive tried.

Give it a shot it might help you, you will know soon after starting.

40mg is a good dose.

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