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  1. Thank you very much for tour post! I have been 15 years with HPPD without trying any meds, I am better but I still have some very bad days I am about to try Meds, will meet with a neurologist soon I was wondering what protocol you used to begin with? was it: Kepra 500mg per day ?or two 500mg per day? for how long without changing the dose? Xanax (how much per day)? Hope you are great Best wishes Rafa
  2. I have had HPPD for 15 years, I am much better now than when it started, I have tried so many natural and psychological techniques that I feel its the right time to test if certain Medical treatment could work. My main symptoms are now anxiety, depression, heavy brainfog, visual snow, problems reading - writing, focusing and depersonalisation sometimes. I have found a neurologist in the city of Barcelona where I live, and I will like to ask you guys for a favour before I meet him: is there is an order for which meds are to be tried first? which meds in your view have
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