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  1. This shit is starting to get me down too. I'm approaching 2 years with DP/DR and I never thought I would be one of those to have it this long. In the beginning I figured I'd be relatively back to normal in a year at the most. It's just depressing seeing all my friends around me going out and being social and living good productive lives while I'm doing the complete opposite. I could deal with the HPPD, if only this awful DP would go away.
  2. Yea, I figured it'd prolly be sketch. I can't really go to a doctor though. I mean I could, but I know that if I did my parents would find out, and I really don't wanna be bothered with them thinking their son's gone crazy from taking drugs or something. Especially my mom. She lets the tiniest things worry her to death. I'd rather just avoid that situation at all costs.
  3. All of you guys that have been taking keppra, where exactly did you get it??? Did you all get it prescribed?? I was thinking of trying to order it online from one of those sites that'll send it to you without a prescription. Something like this: http://www.buykeppra.com/ or this: https://www.northwestpharmacy.com/productsearch.aspx?mid=08e16fe571864c3bb1f55bfe6159be6f&s=levetiracetam&drugid=71144 does anyone have any experience with things like this??
  4. did you have Dp all the time or did you just always get it in bouts??
  5. How long did you have HPPD for Rene??? Was it 3 years or something like that??? Would you also say that you're mental problems have gone too?? Also, which of the issues, physical or mental, went away first??
  6. Ok, interesting. Also, LSD is an agonist right??? So, wouldn't all these issues we experience possibly be a result of either down regulation or prolonged excitation of these particular receptors?? And I know I'm really over simplifying all of this, but I'm just trying to get a basic understanding of what might be going on.
  7. Could one of you guys tell me what exactly causes the change in vision while you're on the drugs??? I mean what parts of the brain do LSD, Shrooms, and MDMA affect that cause things to look different???
  8. ^^^^So that's a supplement right???? Something I could get online??
  9. How many trips did you have before you had the trip that gave you HPPD??? Do you think it had to do with how bad your trip was that lead to your issues or was it just one trip too many or something like that???
  10. I've gotta get rid of it. Like right now I feel fine. No anxiety, and very minimal weird body sensations. I can only notice it now if I make a conscious effort too, but later when I go to the library to study, I know it's gonna shoot up and I'm gonna feel all weird and tense. Have you guys found anything that lessens it at all??? I used to take Valerian Root caps when it was near persistent back in the day, and that helped, but I built up a tolerance to them so I quit taking them.
  11. and what is it like for you??? I mean what does your anxiety actually feel like??? Or does it not feel like anything at all?? Whenever I'm in a social situation I'd rather not be in or really just whenever I'm around people I don't know too well I get this really weird anxious pressure feeling throughout my body. It's moslty at the base of my head and also in my jaw area. I really don't know how to describe it other than just saying it's a really tense anxious feeling. I hate it. This and depersonalization are driving me crazy. This feeling used to be pretty persistent when I first got HPPD, b
  12. No. I'm going to get some in about a month though. Last December I had my yearly eye exam and I told my doctor about the double vision problems and she told me that she couldn't detect any issues with my eyes and recommended that I just wait to see if my problem fixes itself over time. Since it hasn't I'm gonna bring it up at my appointment in about a month and get the prism glasses then.
  13. Good video man, I can't smoke weed anymore either:( I really miss it, but every time I do it it's like I'm on a mid-level acid trip. I haven't smoked in about a year and I'm hoping maybe one day my weed high will go back to normal.
  14. I think my HPPD is a result of two bad trips I had back to back. I really feel like the extremem negativity of the experiences had something to do with how long lasting my HPPD has been. I feel like if I had tripped the same number of times in all and never had a bad trip then my HPPD would have been much less severe. Aside from the HPPD I think the DP/DR that I have is 100% a result of how negative my trips were. They left with a lof of weird anxiety that I think led to the DP.
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