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  1. Dp and dr came back...fuck
  2. You seem like you're aboustly normal. All the symptoms you touched on could not have been more on point.
  3. Thanks! I've been off of it a few times over the years and the hppd just comes back after 60 days, or so. Currently, I'm going to try to stay on it for another year then try to get off of it for good. The doctors don't know why the dp/dr comes back after stopping keppra.Those are the symptoms that come back. I'll start to feel strange, out of touch with reality and have no perception of time. bleh
  4. Welcome back HPPDked! I don't think keppra would hurt you at all, I am no doctor here, though. I've cut back a few times with no withdrawals, as keppra does not cause one to be psychically dependent on it.
  5. how much weight have you lost?
  6. Study using Levetiracetam to treat HPPD in 2005
  7. How about just eating really clean for the rest of your life?
  8. You're welcome! I'm here to help as much as I possibly can! General life: Great! I live in a nice apartment with my partner and we have two kids, a cat and a dog. I'm able to support myself comfortably, as I have a well paying nursing assisting job. Almost finished with my bs in biology (have a year left) but I am stepping out of the medical field for personal reasons/believes. Starting school in the fall for applications design. Medication: Keppra, that's all I take. 1500mg per day. 1000mg when I first wake up and 500mg around 12 hours later. Etizolam: (shhhh I know it's a rc) my cat ea
  9. Hi there, some of you might remember me from a few years back and some might know me from my past posts on this forum. I'm back here to answer questions for this community, give out documents, advice & ect...whatever you need, I'm here. My email and tumblr have been overloaded with questions, please forgive me for not having the time to get back to everyone of you. Anyways, how's is going?! -Rene
  10. I think it's strange, too...but I'm not going question it. I never had faith before this experience.
  11. A few years back I begged god for hours because I wanted to feel hppd free. Well, all of a sudden it happened, looked around the room and no static was present, my mind felt refreshed, and an overwhelming feeling of happiness coursed through my veins. Sadly, it only lasted for an hour though, but it sure did give me hope and reassurance that hppd could be beat and it wasn't brain damage.
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