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i think i'm cured :D

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Congratulations Allice! Are you on any medications or did you recover all-naturally? Did you stay sober during your recovery? If I remember correctly you didn't, how did certain drugs effect you? Is your snow still getting thinner? Thanks for sharing your story.

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about a year or more i had it, and i was sober for most of it apart from the first couple of months and the odd time, in teerms of drugs making a difference-

weed was a definate NO NO, and alcohol made it better at the time, worse on the hangover, and mdma made it worse a tthe time but no anxiety so i enjoyed at and better on the comedown, and ket was just a weird 1 made things worse and at first i was like terrified and then i was really fuked so just didnt care o.O

but in terms of permanent damage i cant really say, made my general symptoms worse for the few months i was fucked all the time at the start, but on the odd occasions it made the differences listed above i guess.

and no medications to make me better really, apart from that awful few months where i was getting fucked all the time and stuff, i bought myself valium and took it every now and then when it got to the point where i just couldnt take it

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