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Visual Snow Initiative

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Sierra Domb has led a very successful campaign for Visual Snow Syndrome. Wow I'm so impressed and I only found out just now. These are the links to more information. She even has pictures with celebrities spreading awareness about Visual Snow Syndrome. She's also a sufferer herself and just had a Ted talk. 



What is Visual Snow? Transforming Anguish into Action | Sierra Domb | TEDxUMiami

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That's great. 

I think the two conditions are so clearly interlinked, that any research done from their side will be a benefit to us, and vice versa. Not being linked with drug use makes life easier for them in terms of funding, endorsements etc. 

If VSS feels the same as HPPD, then I have huge sympathy for the sufferers, at least we know why we got HPPD. To just basically start tripping for no reason must feel especially cruel. 

Let's hope we all get some good news, in the future. 

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We're just assholes that took drugs so we don't matter but she gets the ball rolling in just a few years. But HPPD and visual snow is intertwined and I believe I have both because I had plenty of symptoms of both. When I experimented I never did with the intentions of destroying or not caring about my life lol.

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