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Do I even have HPPD?

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I just recently created a topic because I thought I had very mild HPPD. I'm now wondering whether I even have HPPD. I basically only have one visual symptom: extremely mild tracers. That's it. No vs or other visual symptoms.

What I have the most is anxiety and unpleasant thoughts. But could this also be due to an anxiety disorder triggered by the drugs? Or my depression that “transformed” into an anxiety disorder? What do you guys think about that?

Anxiety is the main problem, do you know how I should deal with it? I almost feel compelled to reach for clonazepam. This also has the advantage that I don't get too caught up in this feeling. What do you think? Thank you!

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I still think the same advice applies... Just try to sit it out for a few week... You did some strong drugs and that can take a while to get over. Exercise, eat healthy, avoid stimulants like caffeine and see how you feel as the days pass. Try to distract yourself and avoid obsessing over symptoms.

It does sound unlikely that you have hppd, but you may have the first warning signs that you have the potential to develop it with more drug use. 

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Wise words and great advice from Jay 1..

I would take this as a possible warning, sign post to possibly refrain from substance use as you maybe susceptible, especially with heightened anxiety etc Take care of yourself. 


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