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Naltrexone 50mg

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Hi, curious if anybody has had luck with Naltrexone either 50mg or LDN (2mg-4.5mg). I have fibromyalgia which may have been before HPPD or triggered by it. I am not sure. I tried Naltrexone 50 mg yesterday because I found a study showing 2 young men with LSD induced HPPD had a full recovery with it within 2 months. Also Naltrexone helps with alcohol addiction and such. Well it was interesting, immediate increase in visuals, but then a burst of irregular energy and a big desire to constantly stretch. Then later in the day the anxiety kicked in heavy and I am still very anxious. Curious if anyone has had luck with this drug and if so should I try it again at 50mg or try low dose at like 2mg which has been beneficial for fibromyalgia and such. Thanks. 

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