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Does this mean I'm suffering bad * trigger warning

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I'm sure it's crossed all our minds in one way or another, from time to time. 

I also don't think it would do anything, my CEVs are terrible, including in a sensory deprivation tank, so I feel like at least part of our visuals are created in the brain. 

I guess you could try using a blindfold or similar for as many hours a day as possible to see if a lack of visual stimuli helps at all?

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This is stupid but when you said you wondered if you ripped your eyeballs out, would the visuals go away? I have literally thought the same thing myself. I keep hoping I’ll go blind as a bat. My best friend (who does not have HPPD but knows all about mine) said that probably wouldn’t work because I still see static and all that when I close my eyes. So yeah, it’s a brain thing, sigh.

oh and I probably sound completely ignorant, but what is CEV?

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