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.... E vision

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I've been aware of this visual  symptom for some time 

Id like to call is the shimmy shimmy shake.

Back in the day when user to take E shit would get really shaky 

I still get that E vision now 

Can anyone relate ?

My visuals are extreme next level by the way 





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I know what you mean... it's like micro vibrations of the eye... whether that is a physical thing, or just part of our unfiltered vision is the question. I've always felt like my eyes are making micro vibrations, but the eye doctor has never picked up on anything like that. 

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This is my view from my verandah 

It morphs into insane shit 

It's very hard to just sit with constant visuals 

At night time another story..

Like complete neuro soup 

Anyhow these words don't do it justice

One day will do my best to describe

Tho I think an accurate description needs to happen in person via an explanation to try to understand / comprehend.





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