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Has anyone here had success with Clonazepam and been on it for years with the effect remaining? I am well aware of the risks with benzos, so no need to warn me. It's just that i've come across a few people saying that they've been on 1.5-2 mg a day for years, and that it still keeps most of the symptoms away. So i'd love to hear from more doing it before taking this risk myself. I still have Keppra to try, but if that doesn't work i'm left with no other choice if i want to be functional and not endure an absolute torture every day.


And no, it's highly unlikely that their HPPD had "healed" with time and that it just occured when they were on it. Severe type 2 HPPD is afterall permanent, or atleast according to Abraham and from what i have gathered, or stleast most of the symptoms.

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