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6 mills of klonopin daily


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Have been using clozapine for the past year up to 6 mils per day now.

 Prescribing doctor says she wants me to see a specialist psychiatrist before she can keep dispensing. 

I only have 3 days worth of medication left.


I'm at the hospital now because I cannot see a psychiatrist because generally takes 6 months to book in so I'm trying to see one here now to get help.


Feels like they have a very uncaring Vibe and understand nothing about the condition.

I came in this evening because if I wait until 3 days time there's a possibility that I could hit a seizure or even die due to stopping the medication abruptly


This world is so f***** up and mentally retarded I don't know if I want to be here anymore. Period

They're the ones that need to be in a ward not me. 

F*** this s*** they are seriously playing with fire

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Surely a doctor knows that you cannot stop cold turkey from 6mg. That's insane. I hope the hospital treat you better. 

Hope to hear better news. Stay strong. 

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Absolutely 100% Jay


They are dropping me to 5 mills daily until I can see a specialist in June..

Tho even that is tough. I've done a drop of 0.5 and was delirium. 

Anyhow will most likely have to tough it out. 

The health care system is bollocks 

Especially for an orphan condition like this the no one understands. 

IIt's extremely hard work to try and get help and seriously man this condition is  torturous at times.

Don't mean to ramble on...

Thanks again 🙏


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My GP jiust dumped me because I was trying to explain the condition what I'm experiencing in like 30 seconds 

She was like , I don't want to hear it.. 

You don't want to hear 30 seconds of something despite living with something constantly for over 30 years ? 

It's dad because I really like my GP, I felt a bit agitated at the time, likely this is an effect of the medication.

Though Likley it maybe too complex for her / freaks her out ? 

At the end of the day at conflict is just a difference between people's rules and beliefs etc 

Not to be taken personally. 

I generally do my best to live by the words "those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind". 


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I've found there is quite an arrogance amongst the GPs i've discussed HPPD with... They dislike the idea that someone might be more well read about a topic than them and there is also a drug stigma that still prevails. 

I hope the move to 5mg isn't too rough on you. 

Keep fighting, Jay

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