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Just ordered some. What are peoples thoughts on it?

I have been HPPD and been looking for drugs ofher than benzos, alcohol and opioids that won’t make their symptoms worse. 

Im someone who still wants to use drugs but is bored of alcohol and benzos and find it difficult to secure opioids.

Someone suggested phenibut to me so I have ordered some to see what it’s like. What can I expect and what precautious should I take? And what are the recreational dosages and effects? 

I take benzos once or twice a week so have quite a high tolerance. Can I take benzos in between or will it make me go into withdrawal? Is this like a substitute for benzos or something to keep you going in meantime?

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It did nothing for me, negative or positive, but everyone is different. For dosing, see something like Erowid

I was taking into to try and find an alternative to benzos for anxiety relief.

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Thanks Jay. What did you find worked for anxiety relief other than benzos. Ideally I’d like to come off the benzos, I get nothing recreationally out of them anymore. I’m not addicted because I stick to once or twice a week but I’m aware it’s a slippery slope. I’ve tried propanol for when I’ve been anxious, minimal effect but stopped racing heart and clammy hands but does nothing for the other horrible feelings of anxiety.

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