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weed induced-hppd

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hello! i had a 100mg edible in november, and i had dpdr for a few weeks after. i started noticing vision changes in late december. today is february 18th. i have negative and positive afterimages, some visual snow, tinnitus, halos, some floaters, and like foggy vision. i know its hppd, but has anyone ever recovered from ONLY weed induced hppd. i’ve never even touched a psychedelic. no ssri’s ever either. only a edible. 

i’ve heard of people recovering from acid hppd, or mdma and shrooms. but never weed. every case i hear of people only getting it from weed they don’t recovery.

is it more likely to recover from weed-induced hppd because weed isn’t a hard drug? please someone respond. i’m going through a very hard time right now:( 

thank u to anyone who reads this, please comment and have a good day

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Try and remain calm and let your mind and body adjust to the new conditions.  I agree with Jay that the vast majority of people in your situation recover.  In my opinion, trying to let things play out without worrying or constantly thinking about how you feel is the easiest way through these times.  Hang in there and keep reaching out.  

Take Care,


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