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Is my vision worsening !?


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Hey guys , here’s a little back story 


Okay so, when I was 17 I smoked weed with my friends and had a really bad high. I’m not sure if my severe anxiety of it or the weed actually brought on my visual snow syndrome or what but that’s when I started. My mom took me to all the docs and no one knew wtf this was esp 15 years ago (I’m 32 now) so finally a doc figured it out but there’s obv no cure or treatment so I’ve lived with it for 15 years. It was super mild, barely there but def still noticeable but I just lived my life normally, it was just my normal sight. So then 3 weeks ago when I got a migraine with aura it got really bad. The aura is always scary but having them so often when I was younger I didn’t panic. I had one 5 months ago and felt weird but my vision didn’t get back. Then this one I noticed 3 days later my snow was so bad. I look at the walls and they glitter, things shake, I feel like I’m in a bubble. My anxiety got so bad. I couldn’t eat, sleep, I was in a severe panic attack majority of the day. The doctor upped my Zoloft but that’s not kicked in yet. I started therapy so I’m hoping that helps me cope. I wake up every morning and dry heave because my nerves are so shot. I’m sleeping a tad better but the mornings are so bad for me. I have good days and bad. I know I have to cope and deal with this because it’s forever but I wish it would just go back down to baseline. The other night i has BAD heavy thick snow in the middle of the night but it went back down. Now I’m terrified it’s worse or getting worse. It’s very scary!! i feel like the last few days everything is heavier, the snow and the flickering around everything. Can I just be in a long flare up and the constant anxiety and OCD of checking for the vision is making it worse? If anyone can help me out it give advice I’d appreciate it ! 😞 

Sorry for the long post

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On 2/18/2023 at 1:48 PM, xmandiio5x said:

I wake up every morning and dry heave because my nerves are so shot. I’m sleeping a tad better but the mornings are so bad for me. I have good days and bad.

Are you eating healthy and getting enough fiber, avoiding alchhol etc? Anxiety can cause nausea but you may also have inflammation in your stomach that is making things worse. There are natural ways to get rid of H. Pylori infection for example which is very common and can be aggravated by stress.


Green light therapy boost the endocannabinoid (anti-inflammitory) system, which may help with future headaches and nausea.

Also I would take zinc and some niacin. Zinc and Niacin are shown to reduce nausea after alcohol consumption.

Thiamine also may help as it has antioxidant potential. It can take a few weeks to get used to i though.

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Hopefully it is just a spike, they can last months sometimes (for me, at least).

I got my first aura migraine last year and it scared the hell out of me... I thought i was going into the matrix! Looked like a rip in my whole reality, with green digital visuals showing in that rip. 

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