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Hppd getting worse after nearly 6 months


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Hello.I have what I assume it s HPPD(i have done all the test I could and all is all right) after a long abuse of weed,mdma and cocaine in summer 2022.After I got HPPD it evolved for three months and then it halted but in the last few weeks it seems to evolve.I mention that after I got HPPD,i only consumed drugs twice once cocaine and once weed last week.I mention that I am on clonazepam and an antidepressant.Also to mention is that I don t get enough sleep because I work and I also sleep late,I have a exhausting job and also go to gym 4 times a week.I don t know what to do….Any advice anyone?

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I agree with Jay.  In order to have a handle on whether recovery is happening, it's important to stay sober and healthy.  Even using weed once in a while can affect us.  That's not to say that you can never do drugs again but if you want to know whether your symptoms are stable you should be sober during that period.  

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