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How common is HPPD after just a single use?


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I was wondering about people experiences of developing HPPD after a single use/low dose of an hallucinogen. How common is it and is it true it can be just as bad/long as for someone who have taken something multiple times? Thank you!

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There are no decent stats about HPPD, but anecdotally from my time on here... It seems to be possible, but not very common. Logically, it seems more likely that you would have a better chance of recovery after one time than dozens or hundreds... But again, that is just based on logic and anecdotal evidence, not any hard data.

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Its not impossible for it to happen but will likely be less common than the person who gets HPPD as a habitual user, or someone who has used hallucinogens multiple times. 

Like Jay stated though, there really are not any studies done on the subject. 

Edit: If you mean in general though, HPPD in its self is extremely rare, so its to be assumed that HPPD after single use, would be even more rare, however still not impossible. 

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