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tell me about k-pin treatment

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Hi all.

I've been alright these days from a mild hppd perspective I think I did have this but when I am sober and essentially not taking anything, including weed (which I want to go into) I don't have any real symptoms minus visual snow however I think I always had a bit of that anyway. For the cannabis use last time I tried it, same as other posters in this forum it re-triggered pre-existing symptoms I think and boom, back into the mild (either 2cb or MGS) headspace. So essentially now I am a little worried about even trying weed again, which is such a shame because I used to like it a lot and had some amazing experiences when high.

I read about k-pin treatment, and how an individual with pronounced hppd was 'cured' during his alcohol withdrawals and/or k-pin treatment. Can someone enlighten me if this really works? And how is the k-pin treatment effective/how is it used.

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I don't think Kolonpin is anything more than a (very handy) band aid. My personal opinion is that any reports of people being cured while taking klono is just correlation (eg, they were naturally healing anyway, but assume klono was what helped). One caveat to that is that maybe the lowering of anxiety/stress during those early days of hppd might help natural recovery... But again, that is just my own opinion/guess work.

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