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Happy New Year everyone!

I want to ask if others experience light sensitivity? This is perhaps a secondary symptom, for me anyway, that I attribute to over stimulation of the endocrine system via HPPD. I am not actually sure that the endocrine system is actually stimulated since HPPD is perceptual, however! I would like to know what others experience or know in this area. I have structured my own  life around limiting light, living with natural exposure without electric and basically going to bed with the chickens. 

Kaleidoscope here....

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It's something that bugged me for years... I then went through a time of pretty much always wearing sunglasses, indoors and out and it went away (for good). Maybe just coincidence, but probably worth a try (along with everything else you are doing, which sounds great). 

You just have to accept that your friends will laugh at you and call you Bono 😀

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I will give the sunglasses a try Jay! It would definitely look better than tying a black scarf over my eyes, that I have sometimes been known to do. Ugh! In thinking about over-stimulation I realize also I have a steady symphony of noise or tinnitus that adds to the ruckus. I've survived thus far! 

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