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Hello,I used a lot of drugs last summer mainly marijuana but also molly and cocaine.After one week of vacation,where i used these daily.I observed some symptoms that got worse and worse like light sensitivity,geometric figures appear to not be the same,halos around objects,images appearing to be low quality,oscillopsia and afterimages sometimes.I went to a lot of doctors,firstly I did IRM,CT,EEG,lombar punction,blood investigation and all were normal.So,after that I went to a psychiatrist I tried olanzapine,risperidone with no good effect.My anxiety level are and were extremely high because i can basically barely function as a normal human being.After that I was prescribed clonazepam 2 mg/day,gabaran 600mg/day and elontril for the depression I developed after this.I am one week on this treatment and the only signifiant improvement was reducing almost eliminating oscillopsia.Is there really a cure for HPPD because it bassicaly destroyed my life?

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I'm sorry to hear about your situation.  Currently there is no catch all cure for HPPD unfortunately but many of us do recover if we make some lifestyle changes such as no longer using drugs.  For me, living the healthiest I could helped my mind recover.  It's not an overnight process but it does happen.  Try and relax and let your mind heal itself.  Don't focus on the symptoms because this usually just creates anxiety which can exacerbate them.  You will probably notice improvement in a few months so just do what you can to live your life to the best of your ability until things settle down.  We're here for you and know that your life is not over!  I have lived with this condition for over a decade and my life is better than I could have hoped.  I have a beautiful family, I am working on a doctorate in mathematics and I feel like myself these days. Hang in there, you'll be okay. 

Take Care,


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That's a lot of medication to be taking, imho. You will have to deal with the fall out of clonazepam addiction at some point, if you stay on 2mg a day. I don't want to scare you, but also don't want you to be potentially unaware of the consequences, especially as they don't seem to be greatly reducing your symptoms. 


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