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Nausea 24/7

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Hi everyone ! 

I juste wanted to know if someone else experiences constant nausea located notre un the stomach but in the throat like a big pressure all day long ? 

Could it go away ? 

It's unbearable and make me really suicidal. 

I already done all the test (RMI, EEG, SCAN, blood test etc..). All clear. 


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The only time I have experienced prolonged nausea is after being very ill, once with swine flu and once with covid. I felt very sick for 1-2 months after. 

I do get physical symptoms from hppd, but they are anxiety related... A tightness around my chest, breathing difficulties, an overload of adrenaline etc

Could it be a side effect of any medication? Keep pressuring your doctor for more answers, I really don't think this is hppd related. 

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I don't think it could be a effect of meds, it started before I start benzos. 

It's the same nausea as the rise of MDMA. 

According to my psychologist these nauseas are neurological, it scares me very much because for me it means that they may never pass. I haven't lived for 2.5 months, the nausea exhausts me physically and mentally.

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When you come up on mdma, you get flooded with serotonin (which partly controls how you feel nausea). You are also flooded with adrenaline and cortisol as your body is trying to accepts this chemical into the body.

I don't know if you can test the amounts of these substances in the body, but worth chatting to your doctor about.

If you are taking any meds or supplements that can increase serotonin, maybe chat to your doctor about tapering down. I think it's good to start the recovery journey with no additional substances... go totally clean and understand your mind/body's baseline. Then, if needed, start working with medications and supplements slowly, to really know how each affects your baseline. 

Try not to focus on this idea of something never passing. 2.5 months is way, way too early to be thinking about that. I hope that doesn't sound belittling, I am sure it feels horrible and scary... But there is so much anecdotal evidence of people getting better over months and years, not just in the first few months. 

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