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NAC Fixed My Life (40-50% reduction in symptoms in 2 days) Also have Schizoaffactive disorder.

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Hi everyone,

I saw a post that recommended NAC for HPPD (Linked below) and I've only found like 2 maybe 3 posts about it when searching on Google "NAC HPPD." As someone who has had HPPD for eleven years, constantly distracting me and causing a lot of issues in my life. I think I have hit the jackpot! I'm not sure if I should post where I got it from but the brand is NOW. Apparently they've been around 50 years. Could be wrong. Within 2 days my static faded by 40% (it is worth noting that I felt bad the first time I took it for a day, but you must persevere if you are to reduce the symptoms of this condition.) It takes years of trying things every month or two to get to where it's not a bother anymore.

I can say successfully that I am not bothered by it anymore. My anxiety when I am outside, inside, etc and I can see the static made me feel extremely anxious and unhappy. Panic. I am not sure how much schizoaffective also contributes to this, but I believe it is mostly HPPD. Well, now a month on 2 grams of NAC, I can say I am content! I started on one gram for a week. After ELEVEN years! I didn't continually try supplements the whole time which I regret, if I kept trying a new supplement every month, well, I would've gotten to where I am faster. If NAC doesn't work for you, just keep trying anything you can with research.

I have also ordered phenibut, piracetam and aniracetam. I will update this post after trying them one at a time. The legality is sketchy but they are legal nootropics. I mostly ordered those to alleviate symptoms of schizoaffective. Sometimes you just have to go outside what your psychiatrist recommends as I am sure she would not be sure what to say or think I am crazy trying these obscure chemicals from online websites that prefer BTC and don't accept credit cards lol. Just be safe, do your research. Start with very small doses.

It is also worth noting one of the anti-psychotics I take is Asenapine (Saphris), that reduced my static and afterimages by 13-20%.

I got HPPD from using cough syrup, my first drug, at 16. Then every drug I did after that made it worse sometimes. I have been on kpins for HPPD , 3 1mg pills a day (not anymore), but NAC has been far more effective. Kpins are bad to be on long term. I had a suicide attempt at 17 where I took 25mg of 25c nbome (about 50 hits of acid equivalent) and a lot of opiates etc that should have killed me, but a friend called the ambulance. I know psychs cant kill you, I just wanted to go out hard. That put a solid dent in my HPPD.

Drug history

Basically everything but heroin, meth and PCP.

Current meds for schizoaffective and general health

Saphris at night (20mgs) If i don't take it for a few days I get hallucinations, messages from obscure random things that are telling me things that the government is spying on me, etc.

Lithium 300mg twice a day

Caplyta 42mg at night

I abstain from drugs currently to just see where these supplements take me as 80% of recreational drugs can set off mania or psychosis for months. I've (mostly) only ever done drugs to try to just feel good out of extreme desperation. When you feel you have no other option and you feel nothing matters anymore. I have been to treatment 7 times. I am sharing this because if you are suffering, if you keep working at it it will get better but you have to talk to people. Whether it be online, through discord, etc.

Therapy at a 6 month treatment wilderness camp got me out of being suicidal, the rest of the treatments were kind of a waste but forced on me because I was caught using drugs and my family didn't know what else to do. I wasn't depressed during or before these treatments. Just felt really tired and distraught. I plan on being sober for a long time. I have a debilitating illness that is unpredictable so I will continue to do my best, if I collapse I'll ride it out and keep trying new supplements.


You got this guys. I used to run a popular twitch/yt while being on the deans list at my college at age 20, collapsed at 22-23. Been just in my room for 4 years now, just trying everything to get better. All it can take to get better is one medication or supplement. Keep trying. I will respond to comments.



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is this the brand ?image.png.2867925cb6bb94ce2ab7d236a006fb52.png

I have "Troo Healthcare" brand 600mg capsules but planning on doing a month trial. i only took 1 600mg capsule for 2-3 days and i got headaches if i remember and i was coughing for some reason?


Also did you have after images and tinnitus and did the NAC help with this?

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Alright I took it at 7 AM and at 1PM I suddendly had a very strong stomach ache, I felt very light-headed and completely confused.

I had to run to the public toilets where I litterally passed out from diarrhea... It might even have been a seizure because I have aches in my neck and side and I believe I twerked while unconscious (I was kinda conscious on the ground thinking to myself "wtf is happening right now")

So yeah, it might have been due to other factors as well (I work in greenhouse where it was almost 40°C, few water, kinda tired)

It's a shame cause I did feel better until that and now I feel weird, I have random tensions in my muscle.

I will try again tomorrow with 1g instead of 2, and maybe persevere for a week 1/2 if the side effects are not too severe as a lot of people said that with NAC you feel worse at the start

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