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How to stay alive?


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I hope you are ok..

ive had a very traumatic past 2 weeks... exacerbating all symptoms massively tho already super bad before

also feeling suicidal.. after 3 decades of hppd beyond comprehension and recent events..

honestly contemplating if i want to be here any more.

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Possibly take some klonopin sparingly to take the edge off, it may help, seek a good neuro psychologist.. (consistent appointments) when you are feeling that way reach out for telephone support i.e. life line or acute care team. Its important.

They will create a safety support network for you, i.e. people to visit your home and offer additional support and resources to help you through and manage,

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I am also here to talk.  Many of us have made it through extremely difficult times, try to find some hope.  For me, life is beautiful today and I wouldn't trade my path for anything else.  The trials have made me more resilient and I consider them an asset now.  Hang in there. DM me if you would like to speak on WhatsApp

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On 7/12/2022 at 5:18 PM, Rhinose said:

i’ve had it for years and  a week ago it started bothering me real bad. i don’t know why. did i do something to make it worse? how do i not kill myself. i am constantly distressed. please help me

Are there any routines or medications that you have changed recently in your life? Any changes at all?

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