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HPPD after a year after Acid trip?

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Hi I’m freaking out for like a one week.(sorry for my english in advice) I did a candyflip 13 months ago. Trip was amazing i felt great after that. I smoked weed everyday after that. Sometimes i had mild visuals, when i had a badtrip after weed. One week ago i was totally sober, and i felt asleep. When i passed out i had flashback. I saw a rainbow patterns when i closed my eyes. I was scarred af at that moment. I remember, when my friends told me stories about people, that never came back from a trip, and ended in assylum or jumped of the Window. I couldn’t focus on anything after that. I totally stoped to smoke weed, and i started to read about hppd on the internet. I couldn’t eat or sleep for 3 days. I have visual snow (but i probably had it before) i started to see afterimages, and when i look on something shiny it stays in my vision for few seconds. I had panic attacks, and derealisation. I didn’t had any visuals after that, but i have very strong visual snow, often afterimages, and i see some sparks for half of seconds sometimes. My symptoms are better when i don’t think about it, but i can’t stop thinking about it and I’m so scary that i can have another flashback. Can it be HPPD, or just visual snow caused by nerves? I’m hipohondric af too, but is it possible to get HPPD year after trip? I did it only once in my life. I think about it 24/7, and this visual snow, and afterimages drives me crazy. Pls help.

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It is definitely possible to have hppd even after years of lsd use . I even got it an year after my acid trip . Did you have any migraine attack or did you drink a lot of smoke to much weed  when you noticed visual snow ,. I started to get visual snow when I drank too much one day

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5 hours ago, Akshay said:

It is definitely possible to have hppd even after years of lsd use . I even got it an year after my acid trip . Did you have any migraine attack or did you drink a lot of smoke to much weed  when you noticed visual snow ,. I started to get visual snow when I drank too much one day

I have headache from that day, because I’m really stressed, and I was little bit drunk that night.

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Same , i was sober for 2 years after my acid trip, then after 2 years i got a bad headace and I had drank a lot is when I started noticing more and more symptoms, but the 2 years i was completely fine without any symptoms, i have read that even alcohol cause hppd to previous users

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Try to relax and take things as they come.  You're doing exactly what you need to with regard to stopping drug use.  Here are some suggestions that helped me in the beginning and continue to help me today. 

  1. Exercise as much as you can, even if your symptoms get worse. 

  2. Eat healthy and balanced meals. 

  3. Sleep as much as possible.

  4. Limit caffeine intake. 

  5. Stop all drugs including alcohol (at least for a time) and especially weed (at least until things get better) 

  6. Try not worry, stay busy to distract your mind with things such as work/school or hobbies. 

  7. Learn to meditate and if you are open to it, ask God to help you.  You don't even have to believe in anything, I did not and it helped me. 

I colored number 6 in red because it's so important.  I am a firm believer that our minds create a lot of the suffering from HPPD.  One thing that has helped me is not turning away from it.  Not being scared, just noticing it.  Acknowledging it as neither good nor bad, it's just there and it will change (as all things inevitably do).  I have found deep and stable happiness in sobriety whilst having HPPD and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  HPPD helped me to get where I am today which is: a father of two, successful marriage, mathematics PhD student with 2 years left and a lover of life.  The suffering I endured from this disorder helped create the life I have now and I am grateful for that. 

Hang in there and keep reaching out!

Take Care,


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" smoked weed everyday after that."

yep that's what sparked it, sparked it for me too. I am a bit curious of the mechanism of how this can happen though, like psychs and that are eliminated from the body with a short half life in most cases, and I was "alright" for a while after the trip same as you I felt great, although I had one negative/bad one, had a bit of persisting symptoms but yep they diminished over time, still had random insights and that during that time, and nw that was how it should be. then lighted up a year later and boom back I came. it's like when you want it to stop you want it to stop.

It will diminish over time I am almost certain for many of us just stay off the drugs and dont' smoke which I am also a bit disappointed about as I can't really enjoy it as much without being involuntarily blasted back, except maybe a bit of being taken back isn't such a bad thing, free mini trip right... but if it literally sparks it all over it ain't good I am sure you's know. I think at it's milder level hppd is probably more common than we'd think, psychedsubstance on youtube had this video and in it he went on about how acid wasn't the same as smoking weed and google or other forums will show people have milder residual symptoms (ig this would either be type 1 or some subclinical level to that) for some time after.

anyone tried Lamictal?



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