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Meds Im On now

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For the three decades I have had severe HPPD  have mostly managed medication free.

This year i have gone more heavily into the Psycopharm route

Currently taking 200 mgs of Lamotragine Daily (docter has suggested to keep raising dose) Have noticed some significant side effects tho also noting some differences mainly with mood and functioning.

also taking Klonopin, usually in the evenings. anywhere from 0.5 to 1.5 

Hope everyone is doing well

Really hope we can unravel this indescribable "disorder" sometime soon, get some long awaited answers and hopefully an effective treatment. / cure.

Remember we are beyond strong to endure such an affliction for such an extended period of time. 


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Hey, you probably know this but be careful with the klonopin being a benzo and all that.

I'm following an rTMS (brain magnetic stimulation) treatment atm. I feel little benefits for the moment but the treatment worked on one guy in France. I'll report if it works for me too, it may be a treatment for some

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