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Synaptic Vesicle Glycoprotein 2A: Features and Functions

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The psychedelic substance psilocybin appears to have antidepressant effects. In a study with [3H]UCB-J autoradiography, acute administration of psilocybin persistently raised the SV2A density measure in prefrontal cortex and hippocampus in pig brain. Psilocybin also induced an acute decrease in serotonin receptor levels in the same areas, which did not persist 7 days after the treatment. These findings could contribute to the explanation of how psilocybin produces its antidepressant action (Raval et al., 2021b).



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I've seen study's suggesting that psychadelics can mess with cortical brainwave function, it seems that brain waves are another way for the brain to comunicate with it's parts, and when the wrong signal I.e delta (sleep frequency waves) are present during the day it can produce hullications and other hppd like effects, maybe looking into modulating the brains brain wave state to induce alpha brain waves (the typical daytime waves) could be a method to get the brain operating normally again, just a guess tho, anyome have any opoinion on this?

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