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First shroom trip had 5 days experience following, then okay, and now a reoccurrence 3 weeks later - what to expect next?


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Concerned parent: My daughter (20) took mushrooms for first time 4 weeks ago, day after had brain fog, dull sensations and dull emotions, and couldn't sleep. Panicked she went to ER, and on 3rd visit got something mild to help her sleep (6 days after taking). She slept for many hours, and then emerged with no symptoms (7 days after taking shrooms). For three weeks she's been great, but then 2 days ago symptoms started to come back, today particularly strong and she's in tears and feels like she can't cope like this (she's a student away from home). I'm encouraging her to get sleep, rest, and reduce stress, hydrate. I know there is no normal response... but is this the original trip running its course or is this a cycle that suggests a longer term experience? Any other advice at this stage of experience? Any input much appreciated - she hasn't mentioned any visual/perception aspects so probably not heading in HPPD2 direction but I'm learning new things all the time about this area. 

This is the first group I have found that is really sharing experiences, challenges, and what's working for them or not, and experiences that lasting beyond the trip - I am grateful to have found this group, and so appreciate what you are sharing. I may direct my daughter here soon, right now she is too vulnerable, and needs to believe she will be 100% better (which i don't know the answer to). 


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Welcome to the forum. I'm sure it is awful to see your daughter going through this, but it is also very positive that she has such a caring parent/s that she can reach out to. 

A mushroom trip is both a psychological and neurological overload of the senses and can last with you for a long, long time (though the actual drug is out of your system after 24 hours or so).

The fact that she recovered from the initial trip gives hope that she will also recover from this spike in symptoms. You are right to encourage sleep, rest and reduce stress... Advise her to do anything she can to distract herself. If she needs to come home, then make that an option... I'm sure the college will understand. It's a big decision, but protecting her mental health is all that counts, right now. 

While she might not have any signs of hppd, I imagine similar "rules" apply... So advise her to reduce/remove caffeine from her day to day life. Alcohol can also cause spikes in symptoms. 

If you or you daughter want to reach out, just DM me. 

All the best, Jay 


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I share the same sentiments as Jay and will only add that exercise was a big help to me early on, even if it makes the symptoms worse.  Overtime, meditation became a primary tool for recovery and mental stability.   Unfortunately the only real way to deal with such situations is to endure them, it will get better and she will likely make a full recovery.  I'm not a doctor but I am someone who has been in fairly dark places as a result of this disorder and now lead a happy, fulfilling and successful life.  I have a family, plenty of hobbies and am working towards a PhD in mathematics.  If I can make it through so can she.

DM me if you'd like to discuss further.  

Take Care,


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