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Hello, my name is Cedric. I'm hoping the forum is more active that it appears at first glance. I am a 25 year old railroad construction worker from the United States. I was hoping to find a support group and chat with people who have managed to cope/treat their symptoms. I started taking psychedelics around age 15 or 16 with 25-i and have dabbled on and off since. I used to smoke a decent amount of Marijuana but have been on and off with it at various stages of my life. I have always had "tracers" to a very light degree. However an afterwork celebration of some marijuana infused psyilicibins rice crispy edibles has left me with a little bit more than I initially bargained with. My tracers are alot more vivid than they have ever been my whole life and im still adjusting to my new profound perception of reality. I don't know if it's just me but I have had several benefits from this. I quit all caffeine (energy drinks and coffee which were heavy crutches for me) , nicotine (mostly I used to smoked 2 packs a day, 1 at work and 1 after work for a night of partying), alcohol and no longer have the desire to consume any drug in the future. Everything I believe is beneficial to my long term health. I desire to find treatment for my visual symptoms however, I believe myself capable of dealing with this added stress. I just want to congratulate the inner strength of every person here. You are all alot strong than you previously had believed which truly is a testment to the primal instinct for survival and adaptation. I would love to personally talk to every single person here and learn about you, I want to create my own path to recovery and I believe everybody here holds a piece of the key that will unlock the door to the truth. If you read this far, thank you I wish you only the best. Cheers!

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Welcome Cedric! 

It sounds like you are doing every right in giving yourself the very best chance at recovery.

One tip I have is to distract yourself as much as possible.. For me, that can be going for walks outdoors, watching films, taking part in sports like surfing or football (soccer). Anything that stops me obsessing about my symptoms too much and lets me live in the moment. It really helps with the de-stress.

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Hi, doing fine, thanks;) And it’s nice that new people are joining the community! I learnt that it is absolutely possible to enjoy the life with HPPD. I even went to my first post-covid and post-HPPD party (in Berlin) and it is refreshing to actually enjoy being there without the alcohol. It’s different, but this is the benefit that I can see, that HPPD made me quit alcohol and do something with my life.

However I am dealing with a really bad clonazepam withdrawal and bad flare up from Gabapentin… I got especially bad ghosting and tracers which were never issues for me before, I experienced another symptoms in the past. So that was my last attempt with medication. I truly believe that natural healing is THE way and solution for this disorder, which was caused by drugs in the first place. 

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