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Will the visual snow fade too?

John Garcia

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A little backstory: A week an a half ago I had a flashback and started seeing patterns of eyes. These patterns have since faded to nothing (I am very grateful). I’ve had visual snow all my life and it never bothered me at all, but on day 2-3 after the flashback I started to notice it more. I’m not sure if it was because I was reading online about how HPPD could cause it and I was just focusing on it more, or if my flashback actually made it worse. If the latter is the case, do you guys think it’ll fade like the patterns I saw? Thanks

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I've always said that when start studying your visual field, you are gonna start noticing the imperfections of the eye. That's why so many people think floaters are a part of hppd. 

Hopefully you will start thinking less about the flashback and the last 10 days as time goes by and you revert back to having some VS but not being overly bothered by it.

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Yes, I know personally that the doctor’s advice “try to ignore it” and “take magnesium” can be annoying, but it actually works for the visual snow (just for the “snow” unfortunately, not for the other visual symptoms). I occasionally get intensified snow but it’s only temporary and then it goes back to the mild baseline. Still can’t figure out the shaky/waving text though. 

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