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Do I have the early signs of HPPD

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I have been microdosing LSD for the past 6ish months, max 20mg, typically about 8 to 15mg I think. With 4 day breaks in between and larger tolerance breaks in between that, several weeks or a month ect.

I had what I think is a flashback several months ago that lasted from about 6pm to about 6am in the morning. I was just sitting on he couch and it hit me, It was weird I remember feeling like almost drunk, like I couldnt have been able to drive a car if someone had asked.

After my last trip I started getting some wierd visual stuff. This again was a microdose. The day of I was reading on my phone and suddenly the phone was super bright or something, I can't remember exactly, but I had to pause for a second before I kept reading. The next day I closed my eyes and had a bolt of light across my left eye. Since then I have been noticing floaters and 'static' and pops of light espically when its bright and outside staring at the road and so on. I also feel I'm more aware of lights and halos around objects when i stop looking at them.

Am I just being paranoid? 

I am keen to keep microdosing because I am ADHD and its the only way I can continue to be an artist but I don't want to risk getting HPPD over it. I have never done a full dose. I was also smoking small amounts of weed. I have stopped that now too.

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Have you talked to a doctor about microdosing? If you're worried about it then that can snowball into hypochondria like it did for me, so I would say the best thing is not to dwell on it but just let your doctor know about what you've experienced and that you'd like to keep microdosing if possible. Apologies if this isn't much help.

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The lightning bolt across the eye sounds more like migraine aura... I have only ever had one and it scared the hell out of me.

The problem with knowing about hppd is you then start to over-analyise your vision and notice the junk that is perfectly natural, but is hard to shake off, once you see it. I think you are probably prone to hppd and have what i refer to as pre-hppd... You just have to be really, really careful with the drugs you choose to take. 

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