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  1. Stay strong. You might not see a solution right now, but there's always hope. Have you spoken to a nutritionist or somnologist (sleep doctor)? Sometimes changing your diet can drastically improve your quality of life. I'm not an expert, but it's important to investigate a variety of different treatments. Hang in there.
  2. I hear you man. Benzos definitely don't seem like the way to go, but a lot of people here seem to talk about Clonazepam being effective? I really don't know what the deal is though. I've been taking ashwaganda root capsules for the last week and it's really helped to get me back into a normal headspace in terms of counteracting anxiety, help sleeping, and not being distracted by visual disturbances. Honestly it's a godsend, because I was really struggling. I do worry if the effects are placebo-based, or if it will lose its potency at some point down the road. There seems to be a lot of other h
  3. Yeah I think it'll hopefully be easier to manage these symptoms once lockdown and COVID are a distant memory! I do get after images quite strongly, though this is something I have had for as long as I can remember – it's probably the symptom that bothers me the least. That being said, now I sometimes get after images when I close my eyes which look like shifting forms or faces; when I'm in an anxious or panicky mood this can really set me off. The most frustrating thing for me at the moment is the ruminating and low mood. I often get into a state of mind where I obsess over my sympto
  4. I was able to work through my initial symptoms back in October/November/December, even when drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes with friends my symptoms rarely became debilitating. It helped my anxiety a lot that things were opening back up after lockdown and we were returning to a sense of normality, and during this time I didn't have much trouble getting work done in college. At Christmas/New Years I came home and the whole family was drinking a lot over the course of a week or two, which I joined in with, and then being back in lockdown things felt a bit surreal. This drinking (and
  5. This might be a long one, but here goes. I've been looking at this site since the end of November, and I think I've found what's been affecting me. I'm 22-years old; a college student living in student accommodation away from home during term. I've occasionally experimented with drugs since I was about 15 (in social groups, never alone), but it was only in the last year or so that I ever tried ecstasy or LSD – not something I've done often but I found them quite positive experiences. Both times I took acid were quite low doses, and generally njoyable experiences. The only thing I noticed
  6. I haven't made my own introduction yet, but I've been the same looking at this forum for a couple of months without posting anything. I'm a 22-year old college student, and I know it's not relevant but I'm also from Ireland – so it's good to hear I'm not alone here! I've been experiencing very similar symptoms. I smoked weed with my friends maybe once or twice a month for about a year, and this sometimes caused really unpleasant anxiety (only after doing LSD for the first time – only did it once again, last year). My current predicament began after a caffeine-induced panic attack at the e
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