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Yo Spartan, I'm an HPPD sufferer from way back but got on Clonazepam and it got rid of my HPPD 99% of symptoms...anyway took it for granted and decided a decade later to do a very gradual withdrawal off Clonazepam thinking I'm cured! Off the Clonazepam now and HPPD is back!!! So trying to get back on it.based in Townsville, Queensland but filled the university survey and am more than keen for the imaging! So it's happening bro is it?

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Hi Bro

Good to hear from you! Sure i know the klonapin is good for some relief, I use it sparingly every now and then, though I know its helll to come off of. Good you are off it now.

As far as i am aware YES. I have been speaking with leading Professors and last he said to me it would be talking place Jan Feb 2022 Sydney St Vincent's.

If you would like.. shoot me a PM with your contact details and i can pass it onto the organizing medical team. 

Cheers . Happy new Year! 

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