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  1. https://cen.acs.org/pharmaceuticals/drug-discovery/Could-an-NLRP3-inhibitor-be-the-one-drug-to-conquer-common-diseases/98/i7
  2. Neurosensory Research Foundation (NRF) Survey Announcement. The NRF in conjunction with the research team at Macquarie University (MQ) is circulating an invitation to participate with the Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder ICAN Protocol survey. It is vital for each and every one of you living with HPPD to register and participate. Once registered, you will receive a link to take the survey. This effort is the single greatest hope persons affected with HPPD have and reason why the MacQuarie team needs our inclusion. Thank you ——- Please click the link for survey
  3. Anyone have any information if Rabdosia has an effect on HPPD? Once upon a time long ago I tried St. John’s Wart which exacerbated my symptoms badly and ever since I’ve been leery of taking supplements or herbal medicine. Thanks
  4. Hello Family, I wanted to share the updated donate page of the NRF. Please have a read, suggest changes and above all, after all is said and done, please share it. Thanks https://www.neurogroup.org/donate/
  5. The success of the MacQuarie is dependent on funding which currently is not available from any federal agency. Heck, the Psychiatrist who I know personally that took over Dr. Abraham’s practice, who gets several HPPD patient inquiries PER DAY, goes to conferences where he discusses the condition where a small fraction of his colleagues are aware of it.... Until that changes, it’s up to US to get this study funded. The Macquarie Protocol is singlehandedly our greatest chance at making any headway toward solving HPPD. Please donate. It’s an investment into your future and a me
  6. Our mission is to fund research that will undo the damage from HPPD but we, as patients, can’t fight this battle alone. We need family and friends to organize, lend their voices, raise awareness and get legislators to pay for research!
  7. After a decade of hard work, the Neurosensory Research Foundation (NRF) a which began with a group of HPPDer’s with moderate to severe forms of the disorder is pleased to announce that th HPPD research protocol has been approved. The NRF is accepting donations, 100% of which will go to fund it. https://researchers.mq.edu.au/en/projects/hallucinogen-persisting-perception-disorder-hppd-protocol-multimo Considering federal funds are non existent to pay for the research, it is up to us, family, friends and other loved ones to support it. Please donate here: https://www.neurogroup.or
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