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So Over This

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Today concluded the worst seven days I've had to deal with. Up until last week I could always manage my HPPD and the stress It caused me but

since about a week ago i've been waking up not being able to breath properly and my heart going 100000km. I cant help obsessing over this and

it's making it worse as this is literally happening 24/7. I've been strong for four months now but this is starting to get the better of me. Work and uni are

very demanding at the moment so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. All I want to do is to not hate getting up in the morning like i do now...

Sorry for ranting it's been a bad week :/

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Just remember no matter how bad it gets it will return to baseline or better. I had a panic attack that sparked a possible small seizure at the start of the week, been paranoid and anxious for the days following but now im back to normal. Infact my cevs are static not fractals now and my snow is even less dense. Ride this one out and ul be fine in a few days

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