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Feels like hope

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I took some of yours advice today and drank a smoothie with broccoli, kale, chia seeds, banana, apple, and boiled some green cardamom and drank it, also ate royal jelly, pollen, and propolis, and I also drank some black seed oil. The only thing I've eaten after that is a bite of olivebread and goji berries.

I'm not used to eating so much nutrition at once, so I had a lot of nausea at first for around 20 minutes.

After my stomach absorbed all that, I had a strong feeling of tension, as if I had just taken many B vitamins. It wasn't that comfortable, but it did feel natural and felt like if I keep doing this ill get used to it in time and start feeling better with time.

I went to the mountain and smoked some CBD, and I can say that it calmed down the tension I had from too many nutrients.

I went to the top of the big rock, prayed and meditated for around 5 minutes infront of the sun, cleared my thoughts, and I did feel better.

I went and laid on the grass and looked at the sky. Haven't looked at the sky since I took the shrooms a month ago and ruined my life. Many lines forming symbols, sooo many annoying floaters. I didn't feel anxious and scared though this time and I think it was because I had eaten healthy.

For a little today I felt as if I started enjoying life again, but I was still feeling as if I'm not perceiving life normally, but I wasn't anymore that much in the dark place I'm usually at.

I also found a herbal/vitamin pill called Neuroforte, which supposedly does good to the brain. I'm not looking to take it for long, just until I feel like I healed enough to continue life normally.

Tonight will be the third time I will take Niacin. I think that's helping too, I can see a difference.

Because of all this, today I felt more confident. It's not at all like my HPPD has left, but it's like I don't experience scary feelings and my visuals aren't that scary, since I ate the foods. I'm kinda pretty normal right now, hopefully it will last and actually get even better. I feel that if I keep eating healthy, praying, meditating and exercising, I will get better.

I wish the best for all of you in your journey to healing completely.

God Bless

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If it's only a month since you got HPPD I would stay back from all these supplements, CBD etc... It may be pretty hard but even stop going on this forum, just sleep, exercise, prayer, drink water... 100% sobriety. If it's been only a month you still have a good chance to heal but you need to stop obsessing, good luck man

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