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Neurodegeneration through HPPD

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Thought I would put this up as a new topic as the original is dated . And there seems to be fear around the prospect of ageing with HPPD 

Hey thought id give you my take on long term HPPD . 57 years old now and contracted HPPD when I was 15 , So had HPPD for say 41-42 years give or take .

So what I can say for sure is that HPPD diminishes at such a slow rate that its barely noticeable ( But it does Diminish } My HPPD sits in the background now opposed to being at the forefront In terms of visual symptoms and some mental symptoms. 

For me personally I do think HPPD does on some level effect you physically as you get older but this view is subjective . I seem to be suffering More from what is definitely HPPD related fatigue. The fatigue along with Visual symptoms are a HPPD constant for me and I think as I get older it is getting progressively worse .... But this is subjective as I have a underactive thyroid which I was diagnosed with 30 years ago ( taking thyroxine for the condition) which I've felt has never really worked for the condition and I think my HPPD cancels out any attempts to relive fatigue.

Its possible if not probable that HPPD will impact cognitive ability as you increase In age as they co-exist within the same space . But from what I am experiencing both physically and mentally Id say that HPPD will not cause any conditions It will only effect conditions . IE If I get dementia It will not be because of HPPD but I'm pretty sure It will effect It. 

HPPD has always been as debilitating as you allow it to be I guess .

For what its worth I've never considered HPPD as an illness more of a condition that swings good to bad depending on how you personally adapt and deal with it .  

Its a condition that seems to pop up to the forefront when things are not going good in other areas of an Individuals life (You begin to notice it More ) and then you focus on it. This I guess then falls into the realms of the neurotic and anxiety driven thought process . (been there many times) But that's Just a normal reaction to a condition that's extremely frustrating to deal with (No answers) and humans are especially driven when health Is effected. 

In short HPPD over the long term Is a stable condition which remains relatively constant and hasn't degenerated In any great way Both physically or Mentally. 

You are unlikely to develop serious mental illness because of existing HPPD (not discounting HPPD driven anxiety) But Unlikely to develop schizophrenia or dementia because of HPPD .

But hey we are all different and I'm definitely not a medical professional or a physiatrist I just know my condition intimately through experience and too many years of research . 

My biggest fear for young Kids and Young adults is falling into the "I am crazy " trap. Man you can spend your whole life worrying about this condition and ruining your life. 

The last you need is Fear of conditions through ageing with HPPD . 

Respect to you all .Getting through HPPD would put seal team six in therapy . Get through HPPD and you can achieve just about anything . 

PS my Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) does seem to be getting worse overall . Not sure if its a spike of degeneration . 

Best Wishes Stay Strong . Anybody Who  needs a chat catch me on robbiemacdonald@aol.com Happy to help .



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