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Sobriety bringing back symptoms ?

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Hi, wondering if you guys experienced something similar with one or more of your symptoms ?


I'm roughly 2 months sober and eyelid and facial twitches have come back after having disappeared for at least a year.

That makes me thinks that being sober at least has an influence on the brain ? I think it's a good thing but that very well be wishful thinking and those twitches are maybe indicative of nothing good.


Basically have you had symptoms disappearing for a relatively long time and come back for seemingly no reason ? and if so how has that turned out for you ?


Sorry for broken english 😅


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Hey man,  Hang in there, things will get better.  I do not have any direct experience with what you're talking about but I do know sobriety and it can be hard.  For me, it's what enabled my brain to heal and it takes time.  Try not to focus on the day to day just let your body do the work and then you can reap the result!  

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