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To cut to the chase I have made my hppd ultra severe after 2 years of messing around trying to fix it with medications. I wont go into details but every day it feels like my visual cortex will explode and tbh i am suicidal every day. I have used benzos off and on for 2 years when things got bad but now i have no option to take daily. Its either i off myself or ride the benzo train as far as it goes.  Im in my 40s so if i could get a few years id be happy and if the hppd heals in the meantime then t will have been worth it.  I dont believe in regimes for benzos  3 days on 4 days off etc  it doesnt work like that  iv spoken to experts   taking as needed is just as bad as taking daily. It takes 6 weeks for a benzo to leave your system so either your on them or your not.  Obviously  the lower dose the better to avoid tolerance but would like to hear your thoughts...agan its not about adapting to my level of hppd  its far too extreme to live with wthout medication...thanks all !

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17 hours ago, jat said:

taking as needed is just as bad as taking daily. It takes 6 weeks for a benzo to leave your system so either your on them or your not

Please learn and understand about half lives before making statements like this as fact. You might have the smallest of traces of a benzo after 6 weeks, but the idea that that trace amount is the same as continuously taking a high dose benzo is just completely incorrect. Those trace amounts get stored in fat and do not affect the receptors that benzos bind to.

Good luck in whatever you do, but your "Expert" sounds like an idiot. 

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you should go on the benzo groups and see what they think...if you take two weeks off and dont have any withdrawals that doesnt mean the benzos are not working i the backgrund continuosly...you need to go far longer to see if withdrawels kick in   im guessing you have never gone longer than two weeks   ..look up the kindling effect with regards to benzos...taking them on and off and on is  like waves in a pond   the more infrequent the use   the bigger waves you create and ultimately the more damage you do to yourself in terms of neurotoxicity...by taking a lower dose at regular intervals the waves are less and the waters are calmer...iv seen you advise this schdule on here a few times and i believe your heart is in the right place but the advice could be damaging...also if you were to ever taper off you have no baseline as to how to conduct a water taper other as such...this is fact... a lot of people have got in a lot of trouble thinking taking as needed or thinking  breaks are cleaning their ssystem,. its nonsense   your body is dependent on benzos whether you like it or not and eventually it would hit you if you persisited past two weeks...as i said it can take up to 6 weeks for withdrawals to kick in in some people...

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