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Start our own HPPD Cure initiative!!

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I was thinking there is a Visual Snow Initiative for finding the cure! Why don’t we start our own fund to find the cure? Think about it personally I am willing to put $1000+ into it maybe more if needed because this disorder is a huge burden..

if we have 18000+ members or more willing to donate for their own cure we could help ourselves.. why don’t we give it a shot I mean! What do we have to lose? 

My expectation is that their is going to be a cure within 10-20 years either way but we could speed up the process by starting our own initiative to find a cure for this disorder! And personally I think there is a cure I am almost sure! We just haven’t find it yet. But we need money for research!

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We are going to fix this!! I know the cure is close with all the knowledge we have 2021.. some people got it from cannabis believe me that show’s me that damage is non existent. I found a lot of articles that show HPPD is not damage just a little change in brain processing information and we can fix this!

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Personally I think it has to do with stress, anxiety, emotional problems! And you used the drug and it got 2-5x worse and the hppd or visual snow and derealisation started! That’s was the case for me! I am did mdma 5 times first 3 times nothing wrong 4th time had an enormous amount of stress and not happy used the drug and the derealisation started with a little hppd 5th time same thing had so much emotional stress and not happy and used it again and hppd got elevated!! I am sure it is just a anxiety problem and the reason why it stays for 50% of the people is because they never get to the real problem the stress and anxiety 

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