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  1. @cosmiccharliethe only problem I see for myself is that I will only accept 100% recovery that is how I am.. will be frustrated by any symptom
  2. @cosmiccharlieamazing man, congrats!!! but the low doses and short drugs history can help me recover 100% isn’t that true without any symptoms
  3. @cosmiccharlie I got so much to do and experience! Partying till 27-28 in Amsterdam.. having a great job or having my own real estate that is my financial dream! Getting some girls and eventually find the perfect keeper the best one of all and live with her! Maybe getting some kids who knows, buy a house or live in my fathers house in the most cozy and fun town! Seeing my friends a lot and way more stuff and the best thing of all not think about hppd but sometimes if people bring up hard times you get a flashback and you are like wow my life at 22 year old was a true hell and nightmare but at
  4. @cosmiccharlieI just really hope it is the recovery I expect just feeling 100% the old me without the annoying visuals and visual snow... Cmon I used xtc 4x in 3 years and broke quarter pills in half or smaller because I did not wanted any damage or problems... but look at me now
  5. @cosmiccharliethankyou so much, I sometimes just have the feeling that this is the end.. that my life ended at 22 and hated drugs was always so careful with it and still got fuc.ked. I just can’t believe it it is so weird. I want to be the normal me the guys who people loves to be around funny, kind, outgoing and not thinking about this disorder.. just want to go to a party and not think about how I feel or how uncomfortable I am in my own skin. Just go to school thinking about the unimportant things the girls, homework, the weekend and not have the disorder feeling showing up everywhere I go.
  6. @cosmiccharlie I have such a bad day please can you give me some words that I will recover I need it so much!! I will never give up but sometimes I feel I am slipping because I want to get out of this nightmare... I just want it to end and do normal stuff like I told you... I need words for recovery
  7. @cosmiccharliesorry did not have notifications turned on, My English is extremely bad so idk.. could be a bit awkward hhahaha
  8. With enough people we can do something
  9. Personally I think it has to do with stress, anxiety, emotional problems! And you used the drug and it got 2-5x worse and the hppd or visual snow and derealisation started! That’s was the case for me! I am did mdma 5 times first 3 times nothing wrong 4th time had an enormous amount of stress and not happy used the drug and the derealisation started with a little hppd 5th time same thing had so much emotional stress and not happy and used it again and hppd got elevated!! I am sure it is just a anxiety problem and the reason why it stays for 50% of the people is because they never get to the rea
  10. There is a cure I am 100% convinced so please react if you want to see this happen
  11. I am sure it is possible because believe me it is not damage or neuro damage, people get it from cannabis... we should stop scaring people on this platform most of it is bullshit anyway
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