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Epstein Barr Virus

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hello everyone!

I recently learned I have a very acute re-occurrence of Epstein Barr. It is causing a variety of mental symptoms not dissimilar to hppd but lacking 99% of the visuals. I thought someone here might find this interesting :) I know somewhere on this forum is conversation about hppd and viruses but for the life of me I can’t remember where (like my shoes of late...)


for real though.... it’s hell. I’ve been having panic attacks that are SUPER strong. Stronger than anything I’ve had before. My only hope is I can stave it off from my body eventually. In the meantime—I need some advice on how I can support my brain and immune system. Anti-inflammatory action +++ for the noggin. It’s been very acute and I feel the inflammation in my mood and cognition (extreme irritability at times/baaaad brain fog/anxiety/panic attacks/doom)


it has effected my vision but not in a very hppd like way. Words are a bit blurry now that’s all. Lines are not as sharp. 

originally I thought this was an hppd spike but after comparing notes with other EBV long haulers and finding perfect matchups of symptoms, I reevaluated. If anyone has any suggestions or knowledge of EBV I would be most grateful :) 

Much love,


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Hi Oms, 

I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through.  I personally do not have any experience with Epstein but for anti-inflammatory my go to is curcumin or tumeric.  It's definitely safe, and it's been shown to cross the blood brain barrier and has a whole list of benefits.  You an consume by either supplement or directly from the root.  My wife is Indian and her mother always makes a drink on the stove containing tumeric, ginger and black pepper corns when we're feeling ill.   The recipe is very simple; cut up about 2-3cm of tumeric root, and 1-2cm of ginger root, place in a small pot of boiling water along with the black pepper (she usually uses whole pepper corns) then let it simmer for some time.  Of course you can add whatever you want, honey is good addition, your favorite tea etc.  I wish you the best. 

Take Care,


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