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Developed narcolepsy. All drugs seem to make hppd worse : /. Maybe ghb.


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9 hours ago, Bensmith said:

Yeah.  Sleeping all

the time.  Treatment off limits from hppd.  The only med i can see taking is maybe ghb : /.


im so tired of all my problems.  

Stay strong. You might not see a solution right now, but there's always hope. Have you spoken to a nutritionist or somnologist (sleep doctor)? Sometimes changing your diet can drastically improve your quality of life. I'm not an expert, but it's important to investigate a variety of different treatments. Hang in there.

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Excess fatigue is typically due to widespread mitochondrial dysfunction(cellular energy producers), try assisting them with long term use of powerful antioxidants. They take months to recover efficiency, so give it time. Also yes, most narcoleptic drugs should cause HPPD symptoms to get worse.

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