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  1. https://www.neurogroup.org/hppd/treatment/ I see a bit of usage here but Not much. Anybody used these or looking to use them? Edit. Just saw the sticky thread sorry.
  2. Yeah. Sleeping all the time. Treatment off limits from hppd. The only med i can see taking is maybe ghb : /. im so tired of all my problems.
  3. Methyl b12 made me a good deal worse.
  4. Might try it again but every time i do it gets me fucky i think.
  5. I tried choline but bad reaction. Any work for y’all? I need them for another issue. Have b12 coming tomorrow.
  6. So mythl b12 good or bad? Listed both. Also mythl donors are bad?
  7. Hi, need to start taking a few things for my cfs. ta-1, low dose 2,4 Dinitrophenylhydrazine(dnp) and possibly one other, called ampligen. Maybe nad+/nadh. And ivermectin(antiparsitic.) Anybody tried these? How can we tell whicj peptides/drugs to avoid. Bcaas fornexample made me worse. Does that mean all amino acids will? are any peptides safe? Are any drugs safe? i have had hppd for 5 years and wouldnt take anything. Anti histamines, gaba drugs, psych drugs. All made it worse. But now if i dont not to be too dramatic but ill prob die. Roc
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