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Nicotine and Acetylcholine questions

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So now that I've tapered down to a lower dosage of my Clonazepam (down to 2mg from 3mg so far, going off completely through a gradual taper), I'm finding that although I don't seem to have classic visual HPPD symptoms remaining (thank god, and at this dose I'd have them returning), I do still have DP/DR but I've grown so used to it that I haven't even noticed it.

I don't pretend to understand all the posts regarding Acetylcholine all that well, but today I decided to pick up Nicotine gum as an experiment.

I feel much more "with it", and more like my normal self. I don't use Nicotine normally, but I decided to try it due to my perception that Nicotine is an acetylcholine agonist (I have trouble understanding it as I'm an idiot these days, but this is based off this thread: https://www.hppdonline.com/topic/6734-back-possible-cure-part-2-no-guarantees-but-were-here-anyways/  ).

I also found this link very helpful in explaining what having low-levels or levels too-high of different neurotransmitters can do: https://medium.com/publishous/fixing-your-brain-a-guide-to-balancing-neurotransmitters-72649aab40b1

Under symptoms for low levels of acetylcholine, all of that sounds accurate in regards to my functioning these days. Low levels of dopamine might also be accurate in regards to my personal symptoms.

Who else has tried nicotine and what was your response to it like?

I'm not advocating nicotine as a way to treat HPPD or DP/DR, and I'm just experimenting with it for now to see if it helps with my remaining symptoms.

My next step if this continues to work would be to start supplementing with Choline.

I know Sage was mentioned as a possibility by the author of the other topic, but based on my reading you wouldn't want to take that as a supplement due to the presence of the same neurotoxin present in Wormwood: thujone.

Also, I've seen L-Carnitine mentioned on that site as a way to increase acetylcholine levels, I currently take L-Arginine periodically for other reasons, wouldn't that have the same result? I've taken L-Carnitine in the past but it tends to give me chest pain.

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Nicotine is interesting to me. I have had the positive reaction you’ve mentioned and the negative reactions many people report at different times with my hppd. 

something interesting— nicotine helps alleviate a lot of the negative cognitive side effects of cannabis. 




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That's interesting re: how it affects cannabis. I was a weed smoker for almost 2 years, and I feel it's responsible for a lot of my cognitive decline, more-so than previous alcoholism, even though I stopped almost two years ago.

Tried nicotine again today, took too much though and feel a bit jittery. Still the same "awakened" feeling, and my vision seems much sharper than normal.

I'm going to stop experimenting with it now though and start out with Choline instead when I get a chance.

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