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Can anyone help fix the forum?


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Getting reports that links are not working. I think the forum just needs to be upgraded, but that's beyond my knowledge. Please reach out if you know how to do this stuff.

Thanks, Jay

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3 hours ago, thelostreceptor said:

Thanks @Jay1 for fixing the forum, this site and the information on it has been invaluable for me, also the new design is stunning! ❤️

There's just another message on the homepage from David starting with "I AM SO SORRY. I did not realize the gallery I used to upload m....", perhaps we could get rid of that as well because it's been there for a very long time.

Thanks, yea... i've been looking in the admin for that, but cannot for the life of me track it down... same for the "our picks/top picks" widget above each forum... People just wanna see the latest content

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