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Hey guys, it’s been about six months since the onset of my symptoms, and for the last month or so, I’ve noticed a great reduction of my vs and stuff. 
actually, even when I actively try to see the visuals, I can’t. 
My emotional symptoms were very mild from the start, and I was completely sober til about the 3 month mark, when I Noticed they disappeared completely. Then I began drinking alcohol again (in moderate doses).  And nicotine (vaping) 

I never restricted caffeine that much.
Slowly, things got better after that. 

I feel like I’m not out of the woods yet so I plan on staying sober from weed (the only other drug I’d do after this) for god knows how long. Maybe forever. But I’m glad things are getting better. 

just wanted to let y’all know it can get better. What helped me the most was getting a hobby and focusing hard on it most days of quarantine. Also I’m on keto (for fitness reasons). Be careful with going on this website... lots of negativity in the posts, also stay sober until you feel like you’ve improved. 

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That's wonderful news!  I think you are very wise to stay away from psychedelic drugs including weed.  I realize weed isn't technically a psychedelic (or is it?), but it sure is when introduced into my nervous system!  Keeping focused is one of the things I've done to manage this condition over the years.

Anyone on the road to recovery is good news.  Take care of yourself!

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