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Intense baffling dream states when falling asleep

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I keep getting this thing where just as I start to fall asleep, some unfathomable stuff appears and to my mind, it interprets it as doom and my automatic reaction is to panic and jolt back awake. Like seeing infinity and my mind panics like it's not supposed to see this. Sometimes I just remember what I'd seen the night before and that jolts me out of sleep. Usually this bizarre stuff happens just as I start trying to fall asleep. It happens repeatedly sometimes, sometimes I get such an adrenaline rush I can't go back to sleep. If I get these jolts a few times, then stay awake a couple of hours or so and go back to sleep, I often wake up the next day not remembering what happened.

Sometimes I go into sleep paralysis, but this psychedelic kind of sleep paralysis. Interestingly my body isn't actually paralysed so technically you could say it's not sleep paralysis but I have so much experience with SP that it's unmistakable this is the same kind of phenomenon. The hallucinations are identical but this is like a trippier Psychedelic type. 

Real strange dreams too. Sometimes they're nightmares but not most of the time just unusual stuff. 

Does anyone here experience this kinda stuff?

EDIT: Last night I didn't experience this stuff and it's interesting cuz I can usually feel it when it's going to happen for hours before I actually go to sleep. It's like a buildup of something in my subconscious.

I see these things that are shocking but I can't consciously see them anymore when I wake up. Things like infinity and unexplainable unfathomable stuff that the human mind can't process. It started after a bufo trip that I wasn't ready for, I resisted ego death.  

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I know exactly what you are talking about. I used to get this as a child when I was sick. I’ve had it happen to be a few times as an adult, where I’ll dream of something completely unimaginable and unexplainable, it’s terrifying and I can’t explain the level of fear and emotion. I can barely remember the imagery either, I can recall the feeling and emotion which again, is hard to explain. Sometimes during the day I’ll get a déjà vu feeling and “remember” the imagery but it fades away before I can actually cling onto the memory. I really can’t explain it, but I know what you’re talking about. I also doubt it’s drug related, as this happened to me as a child. 

It’s interesting that I stumbled across this because I was actually researching visual snow/HPPD and see this at the top when entering the forum! wasn't expecting that, as I’ve never known what to google when trying to figure out what it was, glad I’m not alone. 

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possibly you guys are experiencing hypnagogic dream states. generally happens upon entering sleep. just saying its a possibility. 

also if you have hppd closed eye visuals at night can be very distressing.

here is a friend of mine explaining hypnogogic dreams



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Are you drinking a lot of alcohol lately? I used to get this symptom (and sleep paralysis) a lot when I was drinking heavily, but now i have calmed my drinking down, it has minimised to once or twice a month. 

On a side note, I once had the most beautiful vision and feeling of how the universe works and how energy is eternal and cyclical. It jolted me awake, but i was filled with joy, not the usual panic.

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